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Bile Reflux Treatment

Treating bile reflux can be a tricky thing. First of all one has to understand what bile reflux is before they can treat it. Bile reflux is when bile from the stomach flows back up into the esophagus. It is a lot of times miss-diagnosed as acid reflux because the symptoms are very similar when in fact bile reflux is caused by acid reflux a good portion of the time. As with most other ailments the true best way to treat it is by absolute prevention, and that involves a good bile reflux diet. Put together a log of foods that do and don’t cause you to have flair ups and make the¬†necessary¬†adjustments to your diet.

Bile reflux treatment do’s and don’ts:
Most doctors and people in the health care industry will try and convince you that you need harmful prescription medications or over the counter drugs to treat your bile reflux when in fact there are natural and herbal solutions for your bile reflux. Researching natural remedies can be a great way to combat your ailment (for more on this see our newsletter). Another method of treating reflux is by simply preventing it before it happens with a specific diet plan. Staying away from certain problem foods can instantly improve your symptoms. It is a good idea to keep a “food journal” where you write down what you have eaten each day and how severe or mild your reflux was in relation. This will help you narrow down which foods are the most problematic to you personally. Don’t rely heavily on prescriptions and over the counter drugs for your bile reflux treatment. While drugs can be helpful in the immediate, they have been also known to worsen the ailment with long term use. Preventing and curing it naturally can permanently solve your reflux as where medications may just prolong it or even make it worse. Remember that a good diet or lifestyle change will not completely rid yourself of bile reflux but it can significantly improve it and make it manageable. Lastly do try and break your meals into smaller portions, for example if you generally eat 3 large meals every day you should consider altering it to 5 smaller meals, spaced out during the day. Do reduce or even eliminate your intake of alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes¬† as these are known catalysts to worsening the reflux ailment. Not everyones bile reflux treatment will be the same, so be sure to further your research using the bullet points described in this article. For further reading on the NATURAL ways to cure and prevent bile reflux, add your email to our newsletter on the right of your screen.

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