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Bile Reflux Symptoms

Bile Reflux Symptoms

Bile reflux symptoms are the same as with acid reflux symptoms. The most common symptom in bile reflux patient is heartburn. Heartburn can be mistaken as heart attack because it causes excruciating cheat pain. Actually, it is a burning feeling that occurs in area between the chest and throat. The patient will experience heart burn when the bile backwashed into the esophagus. Almost everyone experience heartburn at some points of their lives. However, if you are experiencing heartburn more than two times per week, there is a high chance that you are suffering from bile reflux. Patients who have bile reflux usually have weak lower esophageal sphincter muscles. Because the lower esophageal muscle is not able to close properly, the bile acid can enter the esophagus when the stomach is attempting to digest the food.

Patients who suffer from bile reflux may also vomit bile. The Southern Medical Journal published a study concerning bile reflux patients. The study was conducted by group of scientists during 1987. The study discovered that bile reflux patients can vomit bile when the intestinal lining is irritated. When the bile causes inflammation on the stomach lining, the patient will vomit a small amount of bile liquid. The patients will feel nauseating because of the inflammation in the stomach lining. The nausea symptom can range from mild to severe. Besides, the patient will lose appetite and eat less often than usual. As a result, the patient will gain weight loss unintentionally.

Chronic cough is also one of the bile reflux symptoms that patients frequently experience. Chronic cough refers to persistent cough that last for more than three months. The patient will cough for several minutes before it subsides. Persistent coughing will affect the throat by causing to become extremely sore. Patients will feel irritation in the throat and feel uncomfortable when swallowing. The discomfort can also occur in the area below the respiratory tract.

If you suspect that you have bile reflux, you should go to the clinic and undergo a test. The doctor will require you to undergo an endoscopic exam. During the endoscopic exam, the doctor will check the throat and vocal cords. The doctor will use the endoscope to find out if there is any ulcers and wounds in the esophagus. Sometimes, the doctor will perform pH monitoring for you. During the pH monitoring test, the doctor will insert a catheter into the nose. The catheter will detect acids that exist in the esophagus within 24 hours.

Bile reflux symptoms can be alleviated by prescription medication, proton pump inhibitors, and surgical treatments. Ursodeoxycholic acid is used to lessen the pain caused by bile reflux. If delayed stomach digestion is the main cause of the bile reflux problem, the doctor will prescribe medication that will increase the food digestion rate. If you don’t suffer from bile reflux, you should learn about its causes so that you can take precaution. To avoid bile reflux, you should change your bad habits. You should stop smoking as nicotine can increase the stomach acid production.

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